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My husband was begging me to get a new puppy for our 7 year old after we lost our 9 month old springerdoodle. I was hesitant at first. My husband went away for a few days on a hunting trip and I decided to contact Omar’s assistant Denise. My husband was looking for a few months and we both agreed Jake (Milo) was adorable, but I stilI acted like I wasnt ready when my husband and I discussed getting Jake. My oldest son and I drove to pick him after he left for his trip, and boy oh boy was my husband surprised when he got home from his trip. Denise was great to work with, she answered the phone everytime I got lost, my GPS was alittle confused 🙂 Jake is such a loving, cuddly, and smart dog. We’ve had him for 1 week and I cant believe how quickly hes picking up on potty training. We’ve had many dogs and he by far is the quickest learner. I was also impressed with the care package of snacks, dog food, and information that Omar gave us. It was great working with Omar and Denise. And we just love having a new addition to the family.