Today is one week since we received our puppy from Omar with great communication from him and his assistant Vani.
Honey, now known as Aria Miele (Miele is Italian for Honey) was delivered to us by a fine gentleman who also works with Omar, Colton. He drove many hours with his daughter to deliver our precious baby.
Aria arrived as cute as a button, clean, friendly, social, healthy and playful. Being experienced dog owners we could tell right away that this dog was well cared for prior to her arrival to us. She joined a pack of 3 other dogs: a large Labradoodle and 2 Senior Golden Retrievers.
They bonded quickly and she found her role in the family.
She sleeps in her crate for 6 to 7 hours. She’s working on the potty during the day with some accidents but she is a baby.
On day 2 she was in our pool with our Labradoodle. She’s already swimming pretty well! We want to make sure for safety she can get to the steps.
She knew basic commands upon arrival and is a quick learner.
I can’t say enough about how smooth the process was to get here to us. Omar really tried his best to get her to us ASAP and he came through. He is a true gentleman.
I highly recommend Breezy Hollow Puppies and wouldn’t hesitate to get another one in the future!
Nanette and Anthony Felicio

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