Hello! My name is Omar Lapp, owner of Breezy Hollow Puppies. My family and I live on a farm in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. We have proudly been raising quality Goldendoodles since 2015. The Goldendoodle is a very popular choice, known for the great discipline and gentle spirit of the retriever, as well as, the high intelligence and incredible retrieval skills of the poodle, making the Goldendoodle hybrid a very well liked dog. All of our puppies are 2nd generation (F1B) which makes them the least likely to shed and gives them the best chance of being hypoallergenic. The pride and passion is shown in each of Breezy Hollows Puppies. 

At 8 weeks of age our puppies are well socialized and partially potty trained. At purchase we provide more tips on how to help finish potty training your puppy! We raise Goldendoodles in 3 size ranges. Mini (10-20lbs), Medium (20-40lbs) and Standard (45lb+). We offer a variety of colors: Blue Merle, Cream, Black, Golden and Red with white markings. See our file of previously adopted puppies.


Breezy Hollow Puppies are on a grain free diet from Great Lakes Pet Food. All puppies come with a free food packet from Great Lakes and ID number tag for your pet.

Unlike cows, sheep, goats, etc, your dog’s digestive tract is made for meats and fats. Cows, sheep, goats, etc, have four chamber stomachs, enzymes and bacteria to digest grains, and a digestive tract 20 times their body length. Whereas, your dog has a single stomach, enzymes and bacteria to digest meats and fats, and has a digestive tract 2 1/2 times their body length. Having this knowledge is crucial since 70-80% of the immune systems houses in the digestive tract. Grain feeding dogs will not only stress their stomachs but will open the door for multiple diseases, allergies, and other sensitivities. Since your dogs stomach is not designed to digest grains, he could miss out on key nutrients to help him grow and be healthy. Grain fed could lead your dog to be malnourished and have a weak immune system. 

We feed Great Lakes Pet Food to our dogs so that they have strong immune systems, receive proper nutrients, and are as healthy as possible. For the best health of your puppy, we recommend staying with our grain free food. Switching dog food can cause diarrhea in puppies.

You can visit or purchase Great Lakes Pet Food online at www.greatlakespetfood.com. We guarantee the genetic health of our puppies for thirty days and if you choose to continue to use Great Lakes Pet Food the guarantee will be extended to two years.


All Breezy Hollow Puppies are micro-chipped for your puppy’s safety and your piece of mind. This lets you track your puppy if it ever is lost or taken.

Our Promise

Thank you so much for your interest in Breezy Hollow Puppies! We strive to provide a stress free and enjoyable experience for you and your family. We take great care with our puppies, their health and our facilities in order to provide you with the perfect companion. If you have any questions about Breezy Hollow Puppies please feel free to contact us!

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