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At Breezy Hollow Puppies we strive to present a healthy puppy that is well socialized with great a temperament. We take great care in raising puppies that will be ready to fit right in with your family. All of Breezy Hollows Puppies are up to date on shots, have been dewormed and have been checked by a vet for any health issues. Our furry friends also come with a certificate of health signed by our vet. The parents of our puppies are all genetically health tested as well.

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Mini Goldendoodles



Mini Goldendoodles



Mini Goldendoodles



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Micro Goldendoodles

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Micro Goldendoodles






Our Special Delivery Options

For only $499 we can have your puppy shipped to your nearest major airport. For New York City we can ground ship for $350.

We also have a special delivery option for the New England region is now available. We have connections with a carrier that makes weekly runs to Londonderry, New Hampshire. For only 100$ we can do a partial delivery to certain areas.

To pickup your puppy you must meet our carrier en route. The route traveled is Rt 84 through New York and Connecticut, Rt 90 E to Worcester, Massachusetts and then to Londonderry New Hampshire.

breezy hollow Puppy Nutrition Plan

Partnered with Great Lakes Pet Food

Why Choose Great Lakes?

We actually tell it the way it is. We don’t expect you to trust us, so we explain why we do what we do. We give you real information and science that you can then verify and logically think through. Thus you can form your own opinion.

Be careful of studies and theories that contradict the anatomical makeup of your dog. Most of these studies have money making in mind and not the health of your dog. You don’t need a college degree to understand the genetic makeup of your dog and their digestion needs.

Will It Cost More?

Yes and No. The upfront cost of our food will be more. It costs more to produce meat and vegetables than it does to produce grains. The good news is that when your dog’s digestive tract is working properly your dog will eat 40% less on average from grain based food. This means you can take 40% off of the price when comparing to a grain based kibble. In addition, a healthy dog means less trips to the vet! So don’t be surprised if your vet speaks against a grain free diet!

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Puppy named Pepsi


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Puppy named Rodeo


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Alice Walton

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Have a question about one of Breezy Hollow’s puppies? Want to schedule an appointment to see a certain puppy? Trying to decide on a breed? Just contact us and we’ll do our best to answer any questions that you may have.

adoption Testimonial



Riley has been a great addition to our family. She has this lovable personality and always loves meeting new friends. She is one class away from earning her CGC certification from the AKC. She loves watching our kids play sports and barking at the garbage trucks.


Raising Friendly Puppies

There’s a short developmental window in every dog’s life when they are extremely sensitive to their environment. The number of positive encounters they have with other people and dogs during this period, which ranges from just a few weeks old to three or four months of age, can dramatically influence how friendly they are as adults. Breezy Hollow Puppies provides a positive environment on a daily basis allowing your future best friend to become acclimated to a social family setting. 
Let Breezy Hollow Puppies help your family grow today with one of our friendly, furry, adorable puppies. If you don’t see one that fits your needs just sign up on our website and we will contact you with future updates. Make sure you leave your name, phone number and email address. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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